Tips for Homeowners


Measure Your Room

A quick and easy way to measure a room is to measure the area (length x height) of each of the walls to be covered (i.e. a wall that is 10 feet long by 8 feet high is 10 x 8 or 80 square feet). Add the area of each of the walls measured together. Then, divide that sum by 25. This will give you an estimate of the amount of single rolls of wallpaper that you will need.


Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Room

You should always be mindful to select a type of wallpaper that will work in a particular area or room. For example, do not choose a fabric or grass cloth in a bathroom due to the damage that the moisture will cause. In that case, a washable type of wallpaper will work much better. Keep in mind that any type of wallpaper will work in bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, etc.


Prepare Wall Surfaces

If there is already wallpaper on the wall, it needs to be removed. In addition, rough or damaged wall surfaces need to be refinished. Remember that the smoother the wall, the better the job will look in the end. Therefore, wall preparation and priming are essential for a successful job.

Tips for Homeowners

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